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tubeless tire repair kit review

By Khalid Zitouni January 16, 2018 0 comments


A tubeless tire repair kit consists of a repair kit, a plug kit, patch kit, insertion tool, a repair strip, spiral probe, a compressor or a reaming too all used to fix a punctured or flat tire. To repair a tubeless tire is cheap, you can fix it without removing it from the car. A tubeless tire is a regular tire without tubes. Air in the tire is contained between the tire and the rim with a seal. It has many advantages over the tube tire. It runs at lower pressure, hardly gets punctured, air does not easily leak in case of puncture, and finally, it is light and stable.


How to spot the best tubeless repair kit

  1. It must be portable. Portability is an important factor because you need to take it with you everywhere yo go. It is advisable to get a kit that can fit in a backpack.

          tire patch kit
  1. It should be of good quality. Price does not determine or dictate the quality of a kit. Every tool must be made of high-quality materials. The metal part must be able to withstand corrosion and rust.

        tire repair kit

  1. It should contain hand pump or mini air compressor. After fixing a puncture, it is important to inflate the tire. If your kit does not have one, you have to buy separately.

  1. There should be a warranty on the kit. Warranty will guarantee customer satisfaction.

Key Features and Benefits:

  •    Very easy to use.

  •    Warranty guaranteed.

  •    Temporary fix before you get to the nearest tire shop.

  •    Contains all necessary tools to make your work easier.

  •    Repair the tubeless tire without removing it from the car.

  •    The air compressor has multiple uses. It can inflate the tires of a car, big vehicles, and even bikes.

How to use:

Puncture can be caused by a nail or broken bottle. The first thing to do is to locate the puncture. Locate the puncture by using soap and water unless the nail is still stuck in the tire. If that is the case, pull the nail out gently using a pliers.

 tire repair kit

A reaming tool is an important tool in the kit. Use the tool to ream the edges of the hole caused by the puncture so you can clean and expand the hole. Get a repair strip from the kit and put in the eye of the insertion tool carefully. Apply a small amount of rubber cement solution on the spiral probe and out inside the tire to cover up the hole. Make sure you twist inside the hole for firmness. Remove the spiral probe from the hole and quickly put part of the repair strip into the hole with an insertion tool. The repair strip will block the hole. Use a knife to trim off the excess length of the strip coming out. Apply gum on a patch and use to cover the punctured hole. Finally, bring out the mini compressor and inflate the tire. This should get you covered till you get to a tire shop nearest to you.

The benefits of a tubeless tire repair kit show it is important to every car or bike user. It should always be around you in case of a puncture or flat tire and saves you from embarrassment. It is a temporary fix so you should get your tire to a tire shop for a permanent fix.

Here is a Demo Video how to fix a tire with a tubeless tire repair kit:


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